Are you ready for 2020?

For many years, to monitor competitors and business indicators was enough to create a successful marketing strategy. But today it is not.

Innovation spirit and ability to evaluate all the markets big data around competitions, consumer behavior, trends, product innovation and many others things brings to our discipline a new complexity and perspectives for our deliverables.

These hard truths are radically changing marketing teams scope of work and making new labels and a lot of new positions with unusual names and roles to begin to assist all of these new world’s demands.

Marketing departments start to build strong and complex structures with a lot of technical skills (people with strong digital skills to understand the new digital language). But in my opinion, this behavior is not sustainable in the long term. I believe marketing teams need to be the most strategic part of the company. A few people with strong capabilities to make this happen. A flexible team to think about the brand and the business opportunities.

And I think flexibility means having new skills for the entire team. Flexibility means being able to find new talent when needed. This is almost impossible with a fixed team. Only the really famous brands will be able to recruit their own talent – other companies will be forced to call upon outside partners.

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Ten tips for the Marketing Team until 2020:

1 – Combines expertise in customer experience, technology & selling without selling.
2 – From fixing the basics to symbols of extremism in customer experience.
3 – It’s about “influence”, not influencers.
4 – 80-90% of online success is the consequence of offline behavior.
5 – IT budget will shift to the marketing department.
6 – Technology facilitates marketing to enhance the customer experience, reduce costs and generate additional revenue streams.
7 – Selling without selling is about sharing creative and beautiful designed stories on your own media, capturing customer data by doing so and, finally, managing the customer relationship directly.
8 – You need conversational leadership: empathic, charismatic, decisive. Managing the “why” of business.
9 – You need the disciple of a samurai.
10 – The agile organization; fire bullets for, then grenades.