Nesfit is a Cereal Brand for women in Brazil, an underdeveloped segment, because Cereal food has a strong association with kids in the country. The product has a few loyalty customers, but the majority of tasters didn\’t continue to consume Nesfit – we were trying to stimulate a new habit.
2014, 20, November


It was necessary to stimulate frequency of consumption to make the target realize that Nesfit is a good solution for nutrition, with low calories and a very good taste. We needed to find a way to connect Nesfit with the day to day of our target.


Mobile + Gamification were the most important ingredients for this strategy. Mobile because we need to approximate the brand with our target and Gamification because we need to create a conversation between them.


A mobile APP to be able to go beyond a simple diet recommendation based on their data profile. The solution needed to recognise their capacity to make progress during the period of their diet and share their progress on social networks. The user can set up a mission in the APP such as “Fit in my wedding dress in 15 days” and their friends could follow their progress and motivate them on the social channels.
2014, 20,

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