Nestlé Brands needed to narrow the relationship with parents, building a bridge of trust with this target. The objective was to participate in a active way in the consumers lives to introduce Nestlé pillars: NHW – Nutrition, Health and Well-being.
2012, 20, April


The target was woman with kids in the first phases of lives and that have in general a few time to dedicate to their families because of work. We started the work designed three personas to understand all target nuances:  Liberal Professional, Executive Moms and Sportive Mothers. All this moms has the same needs: they want tools to help her to be a better and most dedicated moms.


Be a first trip mom is not a easy work. Sometimes is the most hard work that one woman had to have in her hole life. You need to learn a lot of this a a short time and change your routine in a drastic way. And you do not have any tool to help you to follow your progress and make you feel more confident. What about introduce Nestlé at this moment to be this facilitator?


A mobile application was the solution for this problem. A digital product to offer content and service to help mother to learning and move forward in this important moment of their lives. The APP has all the medical appointments, the vaccination card with alerts for the next important date, growth curve follow, informations about baby, photos and social buttons to share every information that wants.
2014, 20,

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